At the start of this experiment I want to focus on general healthy eating with a emphasis on good carbs, healthy fats, and healthy proteins.  I will not be counting carbs, calories, or fat grams.  I do not have a great deal of weight to lose and so that is not the main goal.  Rather, I am trying to reduce underlying insulin resistance, which most docs agree is the cause of PCOS.  I am essentially trying to emulate what Metformin was doing for me via an amended diet.

A few of my general food rules that I will try my best to stick to:

– Don’t eat carbs alone.  Combine them with protein.

– No refined or high glycemic carbs.  I am also limiting brown rice and potatoes, even in their most whole form.  I am focusing on oats, beans/legumes/pulses, gourds, .

– No refined or high glycemic sugars.  I will focus on low glycemic fruits for my sweet fix, but always combined with a protein.

– Focus on healthy fats – olive oil, fatty fish, avocados, nuts, and eggs.

– No gluten.  I have Celiac Disease, so this is a way of life for me rather than a food choice pertaining to PCOS.

– Eat smaller meals with snacks in between to help keep blood sugar in balance and metabolism high.

I record my daily diet in the Daily Status/Progress section.