Woke up feeling different.  I feel more positive and as if all things are possible.  The negative inner voice that has become the norm feels nicer as well.  Got in a 30 minute walk and then took my son to Gymboree for the first time, which had me sweating as well.  I have been wanting to do this for Jude, but I did not feel strong enough to accomplish it, until now.  I am really loving the diet portion so far.  While on Metformin, I have not been able to eat as low carb and light as I can now.  I found that I needed a heavy meal to cushion my stomach and body from the side effects.  This diet feels like what my body needs for optimum health.  I had been gravitating towards easy and convenient foods since feeling bad, and while they were mostly healthy and organic options, fresh, simple and non carb laden foods are a welcome change.  I am still getting hypoglycemic episodes in between meals, but the small snacks help.

Exercise – 30 minutes fast stroller walk, Gymboree class with Jude

Mind/Body – Read a few online articles about “Functional Endocrinology” and “Restorative Endocrinology” recommended by my acupuncturist, and it has inspired me to no end about the body’s ability to heal itself in the very ways that I have designed for this experiment.  This IS possible.  Heck, this is PROBABLE!

Diet – 116 lbs.

Breakfast – tea with milk,  one egg, one chicken breakfast sausage, one piece gluten free toast (need to find a better alternative with more fiber), tablespoon or so of low fat cottage cheese

Lunch – lentils, salad with fruit, veggies, cheese

Dinner – Roasted, bone in chicken breast, green peas and carrots, portobello mushroom topped with cheese, pan roasted asparagus

Snack – 1/4 Bumble bar, small handful cashews and dried fruit, 1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese, 1 oz cheese and 4 crackers, 1/2 plum and small handful cashews