1) Small, protein snacks in between meals – Eating lower carb that you are used to can lead to a shaky and hypoglycemic feeling, even if you are not actually feeling classically hungry.  Snacking keeps your blood sugar stable and that shaky feeling at bay.  It also helps you from having sugar cravings and from binging on high carb foods.  Drinking a full glass of water with each snack makes it seem more substantial.

2) Small, protein snack before bed – I know this goes against all conventional wisdom in regards to general health and losing weight.  When I had Gestational Diabetes, I learned that your blood sugar can become dis-regulated during the night and you need some protein for it to work on to keeps things stable.  I had to monitor my blood sugar many times a day, and on the mornings after not eating my before bed snack, my blood sugar was high and out of the normal range.  I was also more likely to cheat on the GD diet that day because my body was trying to find stasis all day.

3) Beans/Legumes/Pulses! – Beans are indeed the magical food.  Yes, they do have some carbs, but they are low on the glycemic index, fiber rich, high in protein, and very filling.  They are the perfect starchy element for a PCOS diet, especially when are seasoned nicely and with a little Feta or goat cheese crumbled on top.  They take the place of rice or potatoes in a meal.

4) Sneak in fruit wherever you can – It gives your mouth that sweet bite that it wants without eating something high in sugar.  I don’t eat fruit for breakfast, but I put several fruits in my daily salad or eat some after a meal, like a dessert.  Combined with some protein such as some roasted nuts or cottage cheese, they are also the perfect in-between meal snack.  I try to stick to the lower glycemic ones, such as berries, stone fruit, and apples.

5) Have an emergency pre-portioned “sweet” at hand. When I am having a particularly hard time with sugar cravings, I pinch off a quarter sized bite of an energy/nutritional bar and try to savor it.  I like Bumble Bars because they are made with low glycemic, but natural sweetener (brown rice syrup), have decent protein, and are not so high in carbs that 1/4-1/3 of a bar/day (4-6 active carbs) will wreck the diet.   This stops me from looking elsewhere for a sugar fix and tastes sweet enough to fool my brain.

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