Had a very interrupted night of sleep due to Jude’s horrid teething pain, but yet I woke up with energy and a positive attitude, and not trying to beg out of our stroller ride.  Lost another half pound and my enlarged, fertility med tummy seems to have calmed down and my clothes are fitting better again.  Hit a major lull in energy around 3:30, so I guess the lack of sleep (and the harrowing stroller ride) has caught up to me.  Continued to feel worn out the rest of the day, but I pushed through despite it.  This just feels like good old tired from a busy day, not fatigued like I have been feeling prior to this experiment.

Exercise – My normal 30 minutes of fast walking and pushing the stroller was abbreviated by a screaming toddler.  I had to carry him, kicking and struggling,  from about 8 blocks from our house, so I guess I got an arm workout today too.  Did some ab work and later a truly epic trip to the grocery store all on my own.

Mind/Body: Spent some time during Jude’s nap writing and working on this blog.  Feels good to get my thoughts out there in hopes of helping others, and at the very least, so I can have a good record for myself when I need the information and inspiration to keep going on the path to health.  Took a quick Epsom salt bath and did some deep breathing exercises, but it was interrupted by Jude crying and so that sort of undid the zen I was trying to cultivate.  Some days the mind/body thing just ain’t happening.  There’s always tomorrow.

Diet:  114.5 lbs.

Breakfast – One fried egg, 2 pieces chicken breakfast sausage, one piece of gluten free toast, tea with milk.

Lunch – leftover day: meatloaf, peas/carrots, portobello mushroom with cheese, broccoli

Dinner – open face uncured ham and part skim swiss cheese sandwich on gluten free bread with mayo, avocado, and tomato.  sesame slaw, fruit salad

Snacks – cottage cheese, 1/3 Bumble Bar, freeze dried apples, cashews, tea with milk, 1/2 plum