Balance has always been hard for me to find.  I start a new job, plan, diet, class and to me, “giving it my all” can often be extreme.  I used to sit in the car after we got home from school and do all of my homework before I would get out.  When teachers or my parents would say, “do your best”, I would take that to mean, “do everything humanly possible to the exclusion of sanity”.  For the first time today, I feel like I may be getting a little rigid and out of balance with this experiment.  I had two commitments before noon today, but I have it in my mind that I must walk M-W-F, so I tried to fit in a walk before it all as well.  Trying to drag a willful toddler along to even one thing can be hard, but I attempted three before 11:30am.  Jude grabbed my mobile phone on the way out the door for the walk and because he is not the biggest fan of the stroller ride to begin with, I let him have it on our walk.  I kept checking to see if he still had it, and then all of a sudden it was gone.  I retraced my steps and saw a truck pulled over to where we had been.  I asked the driver, who was texting on my mobile phone, if he had found my phone and he said no and sped off really fast.  Blah.  The whole day was felt rushed and stressful.  I am trying to make my life better, not unnecessarily complicate it.  I need to reassess and make sure that this experiment enhances my life.  This is not supposed to be a punishment.  As an aside, I am feeling the clutch of PMS today and it always makes it harder for me to handle stress.

Exercise – 30 minutes of fast stroller pushing. 45 minutes at Gymboree.

Mind/Body – Jude would NOT nap until 4:30 today and so as soon as possible I jumped into a steamy Epsom salt bath with a cup of tea and kicked back to relieve the stressful and busy day.  After that I was able to work on this blog in peace for a while until I fell asleep as well for a nap.

Diet – 114.5 lbs.

Breakfast -tea with milk, two fried eggs, 2 chicken breakfast sausages

Lunch – medium salad with leftover roasted chicken, fruit, cheese, and avocado.  6 yucca crackers.

Dinner – tilapia, shitake, zucchini, red pepper, egg plant parchment packets with cauliflower puree (like mashed potatoes) and green beans almondine

Snacks – one small plum, cashews, tea with milk, 1/3 of a Bumble Bar