Here is a rundown of the supplements that I will taking as part of this experiment to heal my PCOS naturally.  This regimen was selected by my acupuncturist, who is a student of Janet Lang’s “Restorative Endocrinology” philosophy, which basically enables the endocrine system to heal itself naturally.  Obviously this regimen was selected specifically for me, based on my complicated medical history.  Please don’t attempt any of this on your own.  You need a professional for this.

1) Chaste Tree by Medi Herb – 1 tablet daily

2) Ovatrophin PMG by Standard Process – 3 tablets, 2x daily – cycle days 5-14 or 10 days (took this the first time we tried to induce ovulation – see #8 below for what we changed it to)

3) Pituitrophin PMG by Standard Process – 3 tablets, 2x daily.  Stopped taking it after about 3 months around 12/5/10.

4) Hypothalmex by Standard Process – 3 tablets, 2x daily – Later changed to Hypothalamus PMG on 9/21/10 and then back to Hypothalamex after one full bottle of Hypothalamus PMG.  Started stepping down my dose to 2 tablets, 2x daily on 12/7/10.

5) Gymnema 4g by Medi Herb – 2 tablets, 3x daily.  My dosage was changed on 11/2 to 1 tablet, 3 times a day, but I started having sugar cravings, so I decided to take two tablets after lunch and dinner, my two most carb. rich meals.

6) Zinc Liver Chelate by Standard Process – 1 tablet, 2x daily.  Discontinued it around 12/15/10.

7) B6-Niacinamide by Standard Process – 2 tablets, 2x daily – This was added on 9/28/10 for increased acne.  Discontinued it around 12/15/10.

8 – Symplex F by Standard Process – 2 tablets, 3x daily until finished with bottle or she tells me to stop- This was added on 10/26 for the purposes of inducing ovulation for the second try.  It replaces Ovatrophin PMG (see above), which I did not have a response to (did not ovulate).  Stopped on 11/2/10 for two weeks and then will resume (or take Ovatrophin PMG) for two weeks to replicate a natural menstrual cycle.  Started again on 11/16/10 for two weeks – took both Ovatrophin and Symplex F during this time because I was having headaches and I did not have enough of either to make up two weeks.

9) Inositol by Standard Process – 2 tablets after each meal (or 3x/day) – This was added on 11/9/10 after I showed an interest in D-Chiro-Insoitol.  She also added it to perhaps help with sugar cravings that have rebounded after my Gymnema dose was cut a week ago.  I quickly upped my dose to 3 tabs, 3x/day after learning that higher doses help control nerves/anxiety/OCD.  I stopped taking it when I began taking D-Chiro-Inositol on 11/27/10.  I turned right around and started taking it (along with the DCI) again on 12/30/10 because my OCD/nervousness seemed to rebound without it.  I bought the powdered form so I would not have to take so many pills to achieve the therapeutic dose for anxiety/OCD.  As of 1/3/10, I’m taking 4.2 grams (4,200 mg or 6x 1/4 tsps full/day in 2 divided doses).  Because of sleep issues and increased anxiety from not starting slow and gradually increasing my dose, on 12/7/10, I backed my dose down to 1 tsp or 2,800 mg and will gradually increase it to 4.2 grams over the next few days/weeks.  I reached 4.2 grams on 12/15/10 and in the meantime, I started taking half the dose after lunch and the rest after dinner to combat low blood sugar issues (dizzy upon standing, blurry vision, anxiety, foggy thinking).

10) NAC – I added 1200 mg daily of NAC (NOW Brand) around 11/10/10 at the request of my acupuncturist to further help with underlying insulin resistance.

11) D-Chiro-Inositol – Started taking 1050 mg (20 mg/kilogram body weight) daily on 11/27/10.  I ordered the bulk powdered form from here.  I started taking in on an empty stomach and in 2 divided doses on 12/6/10.  I went back to taking it in one dose, first thing upon waking, on an empty stomach on 12/14/10 after reading a little more about it.

12) Progon B by Bezweken – 4 tablets, 2 x daily (at least 8 hours apart).  This is an oral natural progesterone supplement that will be taken for two weeks or until I get my period.  It is supposed to induce a period much like prescription Provera, but it is an all natural version.  I did a combination of Symplex F and Ovatrophin for two weeks and now will do two weeks (or less if I get my period before that) of Progon B, replicating both the first and last half of the menstrual cycle.  I started taking it on 11/30/10 (started with the evening dose).  Started spotting 8 days later, on 12/8/10 and then got a very scant and brown flow on 12/10/10 and stopped taking it after the morning dose that day.  Period lasted until Mon. night/Tuesday morning (3 1/2 -4 days) and was very light the whole time.

13) Chinese Herbs – Started 12/16/10, a weekly prescription given by my acupuncturist.  Currently taking Nourish Ren & Chong Formula (Jia Wei Gui Shao Di Huang Wan) plus a few other herbs for yin deficiency.

I will also be taking my standard multi-vitamin with minerals, calcium, essential fatty acids (fish oil), folic acid, vitamin D, B-complex, probiotic, and also vitamin C during cold and flu season.  I also take a daily anti-oxidant powder that I mix with a little water that my acupuncturist has everyone take.

*On 10/22/10 I upped my dose of fish oil to triple the amount I had been taking.

*On 11/12/10 I started taking a new fish oil provided by my acupuncturist – Usana BioMega.  It’s more potent than my previous brand and I only need 2 caps per day rather than the 6 I had been previously taking (see above).

*On 11/23/10 I started taking 1/2- 1 tsp. daily of Green Pastures, High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil – in addition to the BioMega above