My figure is improving.  I was this weight just a few months ago (still on the thin side from breast feeding), but my stomach was very large and puffy, especially in contrast to the rest of my body.  I know this kind of fat distribution is a classic insulin resistance characteristic.  This has been an issue for me since puberty and has been hard to dress around.  I am encouraged to see some improvement in the area that I most needed.  The acne though is another story.  That part still looks terrible.  My favorite part of pregnancy was the complete absence of acne for 9 whole months.  I am hoping that my face will look better after this cycle is over.

Exercise – arm work with light weights, ab work, push-ups

Mind/Body – Gave up my “me” time today to work on birthday cards for my Mom’s 60th birthday, which we’re celebrating this weekend.  We got Jude his first set of crayons and construction paper and before his nap, I had him go to town.  I took his scribbles and made a card from him to my Mom.  She’s going to freak.  By the time I ate lunch and exercised, Jude was up early from his nap.  No Zen for this mama.

Diet – 113.5 lbs

Breakfast – tea with milk, 2 fried eggs, 2 chicken breakfast sausages, 1×1″ chunk of feta cheese

Lunch – lentil soup with veggies, edamame, lemon and Parmesan cheese

Dinner – leftover roasted chicken, brussel sprouts, and green bean almondine with a small bowl of lentil soup from lunch

Snacks – edamame, 1/2 plum, cashews, tea with milk, 1/8 Bumble Bar, cottage cheese