Ugh, 1 1/2 lb weight gain in one day?  I am just a couple of days away from my period, so perhaps this is just water weight.  I don’t look any differently and my tummy appears to be flat(ish).  I’ve been reading some other PCOS blogs and suspect that I’m not packing in enough protein as I need to keep hypoglycemic feelings away in between meals, continue to lose weight, and not have the energy lulls in the afternoon that are sometimes requiring naps.  I feel super sluggish this afternoon and just blah, with zero motivation.  I keep getting lightheaded when I stand up.

Exercise and Mind/Body – Had to pack and prepare things to go out of town for Labor Day weekend during the nap today.  I frankly don’t have the umph to work out anyway.

Diet – 115 lbs

Breakfast – small latte, 2 fried eggs, 1 chicken breakfast sausage, 1 large scoop of cottage cheese

Lunch – chopped salad with veggies, fruit, cheese, and edamame.  lentil soup

Dinner – Ate on the road out of town and had two bean, cheese, sour cream tacos on soft corn tortillas.  I also ate one of my husband’s chicken floutas because the tacos were so small and under filled.

Snacks – mary’s gone crackers, cottage cheese, plum, cashews