We all had a bad night and I did not get much sleep due to being in a strange bed, allergies, and Jude crying.  Ah, traveling and toddlers can really suck!  In addition, I had PMS like a MF today.  All day I felt just completely sapped of energy and lightheaded when I would stand up.  I am concerned with what is going on.  I am taking a new supplement since Tuesday that I suspect may drop my blood sugar too much.  I’m going to try not taking it until I see my acupuncturist again and see if that helps.  I have been having an inkling that I may be pregnant.

Exercise – 30 minutes fast walking

Mind/Body – Had to fight the urge to get pissy at my family today.  I tried to do some relation breathing during my walk.

Diet – Traveling, no scale

Breakfast – tea with milk, 2 fried eggs, cottage cheese, multi-grain crackers, avocado

Lunch – chopped salad with veggies, fruit, and cheese.  tuna fish with mayo

Dinner – Birthday party- 1 piece of gluten free pizza with veggies and cheese, 1 small serving of gluten free peach cobbler with 1 scoop of ice cream

Snacks – cottage cheese, multi-grain crackers, plum, cashews