Still away from home.  My acne is flaring up again and I suspect it’s either my period coming or pregnancy.  I am bloated and feeling very PMSish.  I am really looking forward to having this cycle behind me.  UGH.  My blood sugar continued to go too low today, further complicating my mood and relationships.  I feel more of a need than ever to get all of this under control.

Exercise – None.  In the car for over 4 hours

Mind/Body – Took a hot, steaming bath before bed and that helped sooth my frazzled nerves and achy body.

Diet – No scale

Breakfast – tea with milk, 2 fried eggs, cottage cheese, multi-grain crackers

Lunch – a few corn chips with salsa.  I shared 2 crispy, chicken/cheese/guacamole/veggie chalupas with Jude.

Dinner – grilled shrimp, lentils, a few bites of baked potato w/ cheese, creamed spinach

Snacks – 1/2-1 Bumble Bar, cashews