Finally got better sleep now that we’re home, and in a more comfortable bed. My basal temp dropped this morning, so I don’t think pregnancy is to blame for my weird symptoms that last few days.  I am guessing my period will come tonight and I’m very interested to see how that will affect my weight and my hypoglycemia.  I’ve never kept track of it all.   I am up to 116 lbs. this morning with only some minor infractions to my diet and exercise over this holiday weekend.  That’s 2 1/2 lbs since Thursday!  This period means business!  Bought a slow cooker today and plan to start making my own beans rather than buy the canned versions.  I am wary of cans because of the whole BPA scare and this diet calls for a lot of beans.  I also bought some whey protein powder today to hopefully help boost my protein intake and keep me feeling fuller and with more energy.  It tastes terrible, so the jury is out.

Exercise – No way today.  I’m having horrible hypoglycemia and fatigue which I think is PMS related.  I hope so at least.

Mind/Body – Hahahahahaha!

Diet – 116lbs.

Breakfast – 1/4 cup oatmeal with cinnamon, agave, and milk, two fried eggs, cottage cheese

Lunch – chopped salad with veggies, fruit, and cheese with apple cider vinaigrette, leftover grilled shrimp, whole-grain crackers, protein shake with half milk/half water

Dinner – Stuffed chicken breast with goat cheese, almonds, and apricots, peas and carrots, roasted portobello mushroom with cheese.

Snacks – plum, cashews, cottage cheese, few bites of Bumble bar