Can’t exactly pinpoint why, but I was a little bitchy today.  Just felt a bit short of temper, almost like PMS, but that is impossible.  I am wondering what is going on with my hormones right now.  Could the supplements that I began earlier in the week have anything to do with it?  While I am not quite as svelte as I would like to be, I have determined that 115 lbs. is a really good weight for me and not impossible to maintain.  Especially as I continue to exercise, my body becomes firmer and some of those pounds replace fat with muscle.  My stomach is flatter in general as well, and that was my main problem area to begin with.  I don’t want this experiment to become too focused on weight loss.  I’d rather not put my body or mind under that stress when I’m technically a really healthy weight.  My new goal is to try to maintain my 115 lbs.  If I happen to lose additional weight, then that will just be a bonus.

Exercise – about 30 minutes of swimming laps and lap walking

Mind Body – Got in a long and hot bath with Epsom salt and lavender essential oil while I got almost to the end of my book.  My husband played with Jude while I relaxed.  I also got a nice neck and shoulder massage from my husband.

Diet – 115 lbs. (-2 lbs.)

Breakfast – 2 black bean, avocado, cheese, and bacon breakfast tacos on corn tortillas (I ate only one of the tortillas, but the filling for both).  tea with milk

Lunch – leftover coconut milk chicken, lentils, and avocado/tomato salad

Dinner – sirloin meatloaf made w/ lots of veggies, 1/4 roasted acorn squash with butter/agave/cinnamon, pan roasted asparagus squeezed with lime

Snacks – 1/2 Bumble Bar, tea with milk, cashews, cottage cheese, whole-grain crackers with cheese, 1/2 plum