I’ve tried to eat a lower carb diet in the past with very limited success.  I have such a problem with hypoglycemia even on a normal diet, and so lowering my carbohydrate intake made it much worse.  I really think one of the reasons why I have been able to maintain my current diet with less and less blood sugar problems is because I’ve been taking a supplement called Gymnema 4g by Standard Process/MediHerb as part of my supplement regimen for this PCOS experiment.  Gymnema is a herb that has been used in the East for over 2000 years to help control blood sugar.

Here’s what Standard Process/MediHerb has to say about how it works:

“Gymnema supports healthy pancreatic function and the normal production of insulin in the body.1 By helping to maintain normal blood sugar levels within a normal range, it can help support weight management and balance energy levels.”

I take two Gymnema tablets after each meal and it helps keep my blood sugar stable until the next meal, even without a snack in between (although I do eat one most of the time), even if I exercise in between.  Normally, I would suffer from near black outs, fuzzy thinking, and blurry vision if it had been too long in between meals.  I don’t feel any of this anymore, even on particularly light or low carb eating days.  I started this experiment having some sugar and carb cravings.  When I introduced the Gymnema about half way through the first month, the cravings subsided dramatically.  The benefits seems to gradually increase as I’ve continued taking it and sources online confirm that it has a cumulative effect.  I’m excited to see how much better I can feel on it as the weeks pass.