I could barely move around at Gymboree this morning because my pants kept falling down.  I wore these same pants a few weeks back with no issue and so I did not think to wear a belt.  I may not be losing weight, but I must be losing inches/fat and gaining muscle.  I have noticed the same thing with a few new pairs of skinny jeans that I bought at the beginning of this experiment.  They look less skinny and more baggy.  Having more muscle mass is supposed to help you burn more calories at rest (raises metabolism) and helps reverse insulin resistance – both super health benefits for women with PCOS.  Oh, and it looks good too.  😉

Exercise – 30 minutes of Crunch: Burn and Firm Pilates with 3 lb. weights.

Mind/Body – Epsom salt bath with Clary Sage essential oil and a good book.

Diet – 115 lbs.

Breakfast – black/green/spearmint tea with milk, 2 fried eggs, 2 breakfast sausages, 1 scoop cottage cheese

Lunch – Huge salad with veggies, fruit, cheese, avocado, and multi-grain crackers

Dinner – Soy Lacquered Salmon with lime and cilantro, crock pot black beans with spring onions, and lemon/ginger broccoli

Snacks – Multi-grain crackers and a slice of organic cheese, 1/2 grapefruit, venti black iced tea, handful of almonds, chai tea with milk