Spent lots of my free time on-line today compiling the specific natural acne treatments I want to incorporate into my new acne regimen.  I’ve complained many times in these daily status reports that my acne is looking bad and so I’ve been trying to form a new game plan since mine is obviously not working.  I find acne so debilitating at times because it makes me want to hide from the world, preventing me from doing things I sometimes need to do.  I could just go to a dermatologist, but I’ve not had much luck with prescription acne products before.  They either make my face too oily or dry/irritated.  I’ve even had a severe allergic reaction to an oral anti-biotic for acne.  I’d much rather try to keep my treatments as natural as possible since that is the focus of this experiment and my personal preference for skin and body care to begin with.

See my new acne info/regimen page here.

I woke up feeling fit and thin today, but as usual, the second I step into a dressing room and try on clothes, I feel like I’m a plus size.  Could be body dysmorphic issues, or maybe just bad lighting/mirror, but there is nothing more damaging to my self-esteem than to go and try on clothes.  It kind of bust my bubble for the day and made me resent PCOS with a vengeance

Exercise – Self: Slim and Sleek Fast DVD – about 40 minutes with 3 lb. weights

Mind/Body – Epsom salt bath and some great reading.

Diet – 117 lbs.

Breakfast – small latte, 2 breakfast tacos – one with eggs/avocado, the second with black beans, cheese, bacon, and avocado

Lunch – leftover tuna salad and black bean/veggie salad

Dinner – leftover stuffed chicken, lentils with cilantro pesto, shrimp cassoulet, small glass of red wine

Snacks – multi-grain crackers, 1 slice organic cheese, herbal iced tea