The diet portion of this experiment takes a lot of dedication, not just in the preparing of the food, but in the planning and shopping for it as well.  I usually spend my Friday or Saturday night flipping through cook books and making a long and detailed list, but Jude’s horrific sleeping issues this week made it impossible.  My parents were able to babysit on Sunday morning and so my husband and I rushed to the grocery store without a list.  I have to admit that this was sort of a nightmare for me and I felt a bit lost.  We started in the produce and just bought everything that looked good and had not had for a while.  We then went to the meat and seafood section and got a variety of options.  I figure I will just sit down with a list of what we bought and create some meals on paper and see what I can invent.   I’m hoping this can become a viable shopping option for really busy weeks.  Maybe I’ll come up with some new favorites.

Exercise – 30 minutes of brisk walking outside.

Mind/Body – Took a hot Epsom salt bath with lavender essential oil and read more of my book.

Diet – 115 lbs.

Breakfast – 2 breakfast tacos in corn tortillas.  One with eggs/veggies/cheese/avocado.  The other with black beans, bacon, cheese, and avocado.

Lunch – cottage cheese, part of a big apple

Dinner – Meatloaf with lots of veggies and swiss chard sauteed with crock-pot bean medley and raisins

Snacks – black grapes, handful raw almonds, green/spearmint tea with milk