Today marks the second month anniversary for this experiment.  We were out of town visiting my in-laws most of the day and so no exercise and two meals of restaurant food that I am hoping did not set me back too far.  My father in law commented on how thin I looked upon first seeing him, so that’s always nice.  On the way home I started feeling quite ill, with a sore throat and fiery sinuses.  Jude was absolutely impossible while we were gone (and yesterday as well) and I was fairly exasperated with him until I realized that he had probably been feeling the same symptoms for the last few days that I was just getting.  My husband is now feeling puny as well, so I assume it’s a family wide cold or horrible hay fever from a record breaking ragweed season here in Austin.

I will be writing and posting my second Monthly Progress Report shortly.

Exercise – on the road and out of town

Mind/Body – none to speak of

Diet – 115 lbs.

Breakfast – black/green tea with milk, 1 fried egg, 2 chicken breakfast sausages, 1 scoop cottage cheese

Lunch – Cobb salad from a restaurant – greens, bacon, boiled egg, blue cheese, grilled chicken, avocado, tomato – no dressing

Dinner – restaurant meal as well – 2 chicken enchiladas with ranchero sauce and a side of refried beans, 2 or 3 tortilla chips with salsa, 1/8th of a glass of red wine

Snacks – iced green tea with milk, small cup of coffee with milk