Woke up feeling worse today – very sore throat, runny nose, painful sinuses, and general malaise.  Jude is not feeling well either, or my husband for that matter, so it’s been a rough day around the Womack household.  The one highlight was a request for pancakes.  I balanced the inherently high carbohydrate content of pancakes and syrup with a fried egg and two chicken breakfast sausage links and it did not seem to spike my blood sugar much, if at all.  I also kept my portion small and in control and was very judicious with my syrup usage.  It’s nice to know that I can enjoy a carby treat every once in a while and not get sent back to square one.

I published my Second Month PCOS Progress Report today.  Check it out!

Exercise – Short walk, but did not feel well enough to continue

Mind/Body – At the very end of the day and once Jude was asleep for the night, I enjoyed a nice steamy Epsom salt bath and was able to read a whole chapter of my book in peace.  It felt wonderful!

Diet – forgot to weigh

Breakfast – small latte, 1 fried egg, 2 chicken breakfast sausages, 2 small/med gluten free pancakes with butter and organic maple syrup.

Lunch – leftovers: pork loin with onion and grapes, white beans, two grilled shrimp, and shredded Brussels sprouts.

Dinner – Half a grilled NY strip steak, oven roasted golden beets/leeks/fennel, fresh purple hull peas

Snacks – 2 glasses of water with a large splash of apricot nectar – low appetite from illness