Woke up feeling pretty puny again with this cold.  My husband, also sick, decided to work from home so he could blow his nose in peace.  Jude had his first real day of eating since he fell ill and that was a relief to see since he’s had only milk for days.  I have been stressing over and dreading his 18 month check-up since this last teething episode started, and it did end up being quite stressful today.  Jude screamed the whole time and I broke out in a flop sweat trying to control the situation.  It ended on a high note though, and I felt like a mama-warrior for standing my ground and advocating for my poor baby.

My acne is finally looking better.  I’ve been better about implementing my natural acne experiment regimen lately and refining it a little, and I think it’s working!!  Last Friday, I also started taking triple the amount of fish oil than I usually take after noticing from a few online sources that I could be taking much more than I have been.  Fish oil is supposed to really help with PCOS acne, so perhaps that is working too.   I’m going to give it a few more weeks before I do an official report, but I just wanted to make a note of it here.  Yay!!!!

Exercise – Still not feeling well enough.  I am really missing being able to work-out.  It usually gives me such a sense of accomplishment and I need the stress relief, especially on days like today.  I’m hoping my cold allows me to get back at it tomorrow.

Mind/Body – Got a few minutes of reading and writing at nap and before bed, but that was about it.

Diet – 114 lbs.

Breakfast – small latte, 2 fried eggs, 2 chicken breakfast sausages, 1 scoop of cottage cheese

Lunch – Chicken soup with tons of veggies and some leftover lentils.  I made this to help nurse our colds.

Dinner – Fresh salmon croquettes (made up a new recipe and they were insanely good – so much better than canned salmon), pan roasted asparagus, leftover fresh purple hull peas from last night.

Snacks – 1/2 apple and a handful of raw almonds, green tea with milk