Feeling better today for the most part and was finally able to get back to working-out.  It’s been driving me nuts that I had a 3 day dry spell since the last time I exercised and I’ve been worried than I would lose my endurance and have to build it up slowly again.  There was nothing to be concerned about though because it was as if I had not missed a day.

I remembered today the past attempts I’ve made over the years to get my PCOS in control and to make healthy and lasting changes for myself.  I would go about it very similarly to what I am doing right now, but my enthusiasm would quickly fade and I would go right back to the same old habits and routines that kept me from my health goals to start with.  I’ve been wondering what is different this go around and it occurred to me that I have finally learned the kind of self-discipline that comes with maturity.  And for me, complete maturity finally came to me when I had Jude and I was no longer simply living for myself.  I’ve grown more as a person than I thought was possible since becoming a Mom and I’ve had more than my share of Mommy hurdles to jump.  I’ve taken this personal growth and used it to change my health for the better.  Sure makes all of the hardships worth a lot.

Exercise – Crunch: Burn and Firm Pilates DVD with 3lb. weights

Mind/Body – Hot Epsom salt bath with lavender essential oil.  Read a few articles in a magazine while I soaked.

Diet – 114 lbs.

Breakfast – black/green/spearmint tea with milk, 2 fried eggs, 2 chicken breakfast sausages, 1 scoop of cottage cheese

Lunch – Chicken soup with tons of veggies and some leftover lentils.

Dinner – Creamy lamb stew with butternut squash, parsnips, and thyme.

Snacks – half a plum and a handful of raw almonds, half a grapefruit and a handful of raw macadamia nuts