We’re down visiting my parents this weekend.  Jude has been an absolute beast.  He was WILD after we got in last night and stayed up until 1:30 am, I think his personal record.  He is going through a really trying phase right now and he’s an even worse traveler than normal.  My patience as a Mom is being tested in new and surprising ways.

We’re also here to attend a Halloween/birthday party for my cousin’s son.  At the party tonight, I was proud of myself for only having a few chips and dip and a little Snickers bar despite the copious amounts of goodies everywhere you looked.

I want to also add that I had one of those rare, ” I look really good” days.  I felt and looked thin and toned.  My jeans fit right and with less muffin top.  My face is clear.  This is the feeling that I am constantly chasing after.   It feels good to catch it, even if just for today.

Exercise – 30 minutes of fast walking outside

Mind/Body – The only relaxation I got today was while walking.  Jude took a long nap and I got a needed break from him even though I was working on lots of things (like last minute Halloween costumes).

Diet – away from home, so did not weigh

Breakfast – black/green tea with milk, 2 fried eggs, 2 chicken breakfast sausages, and 1 scoop cottage cheese.

Lunch – medium sized salad with roasted chicken, veggies, and apple and apple cider vinaigrette with multi-grain crackers.

Dinner – small bow of leftover chicken/veggie soup, cottage cheese, 4-5 gluten free crackers, small wedge of salmon and egg pie (my dad’s concoction)

Snacks – 1/2 grapefruit, handful of raw almonds, slice of cheese and multi-grain crackers, one fun size Snickers bar, 4-5 corn tortilla chips topped with cheese dip