Jude is having a very hard time getting down for a nap lately and I am not getting the time I need to relax, exercise, and prepare a thoughtful lunch every day without fail.  This makes me feel really stressed out.  I’m definitely NOT just throwing in the towel, but I think I need to loosen the reigns a little with this experiment so I don’t feel such a sense of failure when life gets in the way.  A good friend once reminded me that a watched pot never boils and so I think I need to change the format of my daily status reports to something more informal.   I am ready to just have this become a way of life without constant monitoring.  I will continue to make notes along the way as necessary and do my monthly progress reports, but I don’t need the added stress of reporting everyday anymore.  I feel confident that I can stay of track without it.

I had one of those days where I felt impatient regarding my PCOS progress, and when this happens I always spend a bunch of time online, looking for the next thing to add to my PCOS plan.  I have taken D-Chiro-Inositol before, but only for a month.  You see it mentioned in so many articles and blogs about PCOS that I just feel like I need to give it another try.  I asked my acupuncturist yesterday about it and she hates for me to add yet another supplement to my already long list because DCI is expensive and it takes a while to see results.  I agree with her, but I feel like I need to give it a try.  I found a slightly cheaper place to order it in Australia, so while I’m waiting on it to get here my acupuncturist started me on regular, and cheaper, inositol.    I’ll update that info on my PCOS Supplement Regimen page.