Finally feel back on track after feeling derailed for a few days – the toddler nap/bedtime strike has seemed to come to an end!!  I have not been eating bad, and I even got in 3 work-outs this week, but I guess I mean derailed in my optimism for this PCOS experiment.  I got in a super intense work out today and went back to my daily salad.  I know this sounds crazy, but I just have not been feeling as optimistic and happy since I stopped the salad lunch.  The holistic doc that I take Jude to for his teething pain and allergies says that we should be eating a good mix of cooked and raw foods and the daily salad for me is the only time I really eat raw foods, besides fruit at snack times.

My acne is terrible again and I had a certified, PMS-type, hormonal bitch fest yesterday that I am not proud of.  It only lasted a few hours, but it was BAD!  My body continues to try to ovulate with no success.  I am really excited to start the D-Chiro-Inositol powder coming from Australia within the next week hopefully.  I bought a three month supply.  Reduction in symptoms would be nice (acne for one), but what I am really after is ovulation and a natural period.  DCI is super, duper expensive though, especially in addition to my other supplements and acupuncture, but if it works, I really don’t care what it costs.  I am willing to sacrifice almost anything in my quest for ovulation/period.  Period!