I am really enjoying my new and less structured approach to this experiment.  I am finally starting to experience a little balance that I’ve been after.  “Letting go” of control is the central theme in so much Eastern and spiritual teachings, but this concept has always been a challenge for me.  I intensely start a project with bull-dog determination, holding myself in contempt of my goal at all times.  Obviously this gets old fast and within a few months, I revert back to an easier life.  This time however, I’ve kept all of the tenants of this experiment, but just turned down the flame a little.  What I’ve discovered is paradoxical.  I stopped posting everyday, and the traffic to this blog has flourished.  I’ve been exercising every other day, rather than 6 days a week and I’ve lost weight!  I’ve incorporated more fat (organic pasture butter and some raw whole milk) and beneficial carbohydrates (such as oatmeal more regularly) into my diet and I’ve lost yet more weight.  The yoga pants that used to slide down my hips when I was breastfeeding are doing the slide yet again.  I think this proves that stressing and fussing excessively over something only crowds out the inherit growth and potential within it.   This is shaping into a plan that I can stick to for life, I sincerely hope.