Without getting too graphic, I’ve noticed my body gearing up to ovulate for many weeks now, but yet no rise in basal body temperature .  Every week I report to my acupuncturist the same hope, that ovulation is probably on the horizon.  Last week she gave me a saliva microscope to experiment with to see if I could make some sense of my constant fertile signs.  Sure enough, I have seen at least some crystalline “ferning” every time I have used it.  This is not normal.   You should only get it before a true ovulation.  We also discussed the possibility that I am suffering from “estrogen dominance” and a constantly positive saliva ferning test proves that my body is pumping out estrogen, and androgens along with it, to mature an egg that never actually ovulates, and therefore does not produce any progesterone to mediate and balance the estrogen and androgens.  This explains the acne, spotting, and headaches.  When I was first diagnosed with PCOS in 2002/2003, I had low estrogen, as shown with a blood test, so this is a different pattern than I have had in the past.  Based on online research, this is a much more typical PCOS presentation.  My acupuncturist has not wanted to prescribe any natural progesterone cream because she has wanted to give my body a chance to try making some on its own.  I’m going to ask her about the possibility of trying some when I see her the day after tomorrow.  Again, from online research, this seems to be an appropriate natural treatment for estrogen dominance, especially since I’ve not had a period in a while.

Also at my last visit to my acupuncturist, she started me back on Symplex F for two weeks, to try to replicate a normal 2 week luteal phase.  The goal being to get a sort of induced period at the end of the two weeks.  A day after I started taking it, I started waking up with headaches and nausea, pretty much the same symptoms that I had on it last time.  I stopped taking it for a day and I started it back again today to see it I am right in my suspicions.  I’ll update this info on my PCOS Supplement Page.

Other than that, I don’t have too much to report.  The three month anniversary of this experiment is on Tuesday!  I’ll be doing my monthly progress report in the next few days.