I was able to survive Thanksgiving with my weight and this experiment intact!  I decided to eat everything I wanted (and then some), including pie, for my Thanksgiving meal.  I just did not eat leftovers day after day like I normally would have.  I had a couple of pieces of pie in the days following, but nothing else really naughty.  I exercised a little while we were away and even tried jogging for about 15 minutes one day.  I have never been able to run for very long before, but all of my work-outs from the last 3 months must have helped my endurance a lot.  When we returned home (11/27/10) the D-Chiro-Inositol that I ordered a few weeks back was in the mailbox and I took my first dose that evening.

At my acupuncture appointment prior to Thanksgiving, I told her about the constantly positive saliva microscope results and she agreed that it was time to start some supplemental progesterone to balance out my estrogen dominance.  I will continue to take the Symplex F/Ovatrophin until tomorrow, making it a two week course, and then I will start an oral natural progesterone called Progon B for two weeks, or until I get my period.  I asked her about natural progesterone cream and she said she did not prescribe it anymore because studies have found it to accumulate in fatty tissue and then it releases into the blood stream when you may not want it to – definitely not something she wants someone with mixed up hormones to use!