I realized that a lot of the anxiety I was having, just in general, and in regards to jumping on the TTC bandwagon again was about the great unknown.  Would my doc insist that I be on Metformin again?  Would my new insurance cover treatment again?  Can I continue my experiment while I undergo conventional fertility treatments?  Will I be able to stay sane enough to be functional and “present” for my 21 month old toddler?  I started this experiment because I was really having a hard time with the fertility medications and being a good Mom through it all.  I’m turning 34 next month and that only leaves one year between me and “AMA” or Advanced Maternal Age.  To make a long story short, the anxiety of not actively TTC is starting to override the anxiety of going through a medicated fertility cycle.

I decided to put a call in to my insurance company and it looks like they will pay for some monitored cycles.  I then called my fertility doctor’s office and told them that I wanted to do another Femara cycle, this time monitored.  I’m now taking Provera to induce a period so I can take the Femara.  There was no mention on Metformin, whether I was still taking it or if I should be, so that’s one worrisome question answered.  I see my acupuncturist tomorrow and we will form a new game plan for using acupuncture/herbs/supplements to compliment conventional fertility treatments.  This is my acupuncturist’s specialty.  What I am hoping is that all of my hard work with this experiment has created a hormonal profile that is mediated enough from PCOS that I won’t need Metformin.  I’m willing to take it again if absolutely necessary, but it will definitely be a last ditch effort.  Obviously I will continue with my eating plan and will exercise every other day, or 3-4 times a week.  I plan on taking all of my supplements and herbs until a pregnancy is confirmed (unless explicitly contraindicated while TTC or in the luteal phase of a TTC cycle)