I seriously cannot believe another month has passed since the last time I wrote a monthly report!  I’m not going to write a long report in the usual format since I am in the middle of a medicated fertility cycle and I cannot differentiate between actual progress and the possible effects of the medications.  What I will say is that I have remained true to the basic tenants of this experience –  I have eaten well, continued to exercise often, taken my daily supplements, and have seen my acupuncturist weekly with no changes or deviations.  My weight is slightly lower than last month and very stable.  I am not going to do body measurements because I am having some wavering abdominal bloating as I approach ovulation, but based on my appearance and how clothing fits, I would guess there has been very little change.  My acne is quite bad, but I am actively messing with my hormones by taking fertility drugs and this is a very common side effect for me while on them.  Emotionally, I am a little short of temper, but I have yet to feel any depression or major psychological upheaval, which is sometimes the case during a medicated fertility cycle.  My energy level has been a bit low the past week or so (again, normal for this point in a medicated cycle), and so I have started doing a Fertility Yoga DVD that I’ve owned for several years, but had only done a few times before.  Even though it’s a step down from the more ambitious exercise I usually do 3-4 times a week, I still feel like I get a decent strengthening and stretching work-out, and it’s better than simply doing nothing and letting my conditioning dissolve away.  I have also added a nightly abdominal and lower back massage using a blend of essential oils (mixed in apricot seed oil) that are beneficial for PCOS and infertility. The oils are Clary Sage, Geranium, and Rose – all with specific medicinal benefits for balancing hormones, increasing circulation and general stress reduction.  All in all, this has been the easiest medicated fertility cycle I have even gone through in terms of physical and emotional side effects.  I have also been able to achieve follicle growth without the use of Metformin, and that is a first for me.  All of this speaks volumes for what I have achieved in doing this PCOS experiment.  The proof is in the pudding though, as they say, and the proof for me will be to conceive a healthy baby.  I won’t know if I ovulated for a few days still and won’t know about pregnancy or not for two weeks after that, so lots of watching, waiting, and testing with baited breath to go, but I feel very positive about it all and that’s the best I can hope for.