I have been SICK with this pregnancy!  I’ve had almost all day nausea with no remission for weeks.  I’ve been through 1 1/2 pregnancies before this one and have never had much of a problem with morning sickness.  It’s come as a big surprise to me just how bad one pregnant lady can feel – like totally debilitated and useless, an invalid.  A few days ago I got a craving for fruit juice and so I went with it.  I have been about 80% recovered since that day.  In addition, I’ve incorporated more starchy and carb. rich foods – things you might gravitate to when you are recovering from a stomach illness such as crackers, pasta, toast.  Prior to this, I had been trying to avoid eating much sugar and refined carbs in an attempt at avoiding Gestational Diabetes again.  As a result I figure that since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been almost constantly suffering from low blood sugar in the form of extreme fatigue and unrelenting nausea.  It’s like my body is quite literally starving for more readily available forms of glucose.  I still have my blood glucose meter from my pregnancy with Jude and I have been periodically checking my sugars two hours after meals and for the time being, everything is normal.  My fasting blood sugar in the morning is a shade high (like right at the threshold or one point above), but I am working on that by eating a protein snack before bed.  So now I feel like I am caught between a rock and a hard place.  I’m hoping I can slowly transition to a more insulin friendly diet as I move into the second trimester, but I am not about to rock the boat at this point, just when I finally feel better.