I continued with the all day and night nausea until around week 12 and then it slowly dissipated.  The nausea lifted, but the fatigue remained.  Little by little, that is slowly getting better too.  I am now at week 15 and am finally feeling more normal, well – relatively.   I’ve even started feeling like I could do some prenatal yoga and that has made be feel so great.  My body missed exercise during my 3 month sentence on the couch.   I’ve also had my first trimester screening done and everything looks ok from that.  I have a feeling that getting good news about that helped me feel better in general.  I tend to get depressed when I am facing such potentially life changing news.  I certainly felt this way a lot of the time when I was pregnant with Jude – always waiting for the other shoe to fall.  Now that I have a pronounced baby belly, I will include a pic that I took last week when I was about 14.5 weeks.