I found out a week ago at my Level II ultrasound that my baby both appears healthy and is a BOY!  Several weeks before this, at our first trimester testing/nuchal test, I was pretty sure that I saw what looked to be a very penile looking nub, but one can never be sure about these things in the first trimester.  I have since only considered boy names and nursery decorating schemes, so I guess I had a feeling, despite this pregnancy being very different than my previous one with Jude.  I also want to say that my final Sequential Screen test results came back about a month ago with a very low risk for abnormalities.  I have been feeling quite well lately with much more energy which has fueled a very healthy nesting phase.  I have been cleaning out closets and getting out all of my stored away baby things.  This is my favorite part of pregnancy, and I feel like I can finally truly enjoy it now that I know things are going as planned.  21 weeks down, 19 to go!  Here’s a new pic from this weekend.  My belly is finally getting pretty out there!