At my last OB appointment a few weeks back the nurse handed me the forms for my glucose test with the instructions to have it done sometime between then and 28 weeks.  I discussed timing strategies with my doctor and although he urged me not to try to stump the test, he agreed that it would probably be better to take the test earlier rather than later, as the severity of Gestational Diabetes tends to progress along with pregnancy.  I took the test last Tuesday, at 25.5 weeks and I can tell you that I have been on pins and needles, pun intended, about the results.  I had Gestational Diabetes during my pregnancy with Jude, and in a nutshell, it was a total pain in the ass (and fingers).  Aside from the relentless diet that often left me hungry and unsatisfied, finger pricks four times a day, medication, and later the weekly Non-stress tests and Bio-physical profiles were exhausting and incredibly time consuming.  It all left me feeling like my otherwise uncomplicated pregnancy was in peril and high risk.  It also created a scenario where I had to be induced, rather than having the chance to go into labor naturally.  Anyway, the news was good today.  I passed my test and don’t have to be subjected to the truly torturous 3 hour glucose tolerance test that would have come next had I not.  With an active toddler to care for,  I am so thankful and relieved that I do not have to repeat the GD experience.  I truly believe that this is yet another benefit that has come from my PCOS experiment.  Not only did I not have to take Metformin to get pregnant, and with a healthy baby, but I did not develop GD with this pregnancy either, even though I had a much greater chance to this go around, in addition to my inherently high chances just from having PCOS.  This is also the further push I need to remind me to maintain my healthy lifestyle well after my pregnancy.  Two side notes that I also want to mention about the glucose test are that I took it fasting, even though my nurse said I did not necessarily need to, and I also walked around the office park a little in between drinking the sugar drink and the blood draw.

Not too much else to report with the pregnancy.  I am 26.5 weeks today and am quite round.  I feel the baby move all day now and that is always nice and reassuring.  Here is a semi-current pic from around two weeks ago.