Hooray!  I made it past my long and difficult pregnancy with a healthy, beautiful, sweet, and HUGE baby boy to show for it!

As the last four weeks of my pregnancy progressed I got quite alarmingly large in size.  My doctor claims that I was not measuring any larger than I should, but everyone around me was astonished.  There was another mother in my son’s preschool class who was pregnant at the same time, but with twins, and all of the other mothers thought it must be me.  I began having trouble walking.  My lungs were incredibly compressed and that made me gasp for air at times. In a word, I was miserable.  Despite being dilated and effaced by my due date, it came and went with no action.  We decided on an induction for about a week past my due date.  I really did not want to be induced this time around, but I was becoming worried that I might not be able to push out a larger, post-date baby without complications.

The induction was almost not necessary because after only 4-5 minutes after they hooked me up to the Pitocin, I started having very strong and painful contractions.  Another 5 minutes later I was gripping the bed rail and moaning.  The baby’s heart rate became a bit elevated, so they decided to stop the Pitocin altogether.  I continued to labor very strongly on my own, so all I needed was just a 10 minute jump start.  The rest on my labor went as planned and a little after lunchtime I began to push.  The baby came down fast, but I still had to push for quite a while to make progress.  I could tell by then that this baby was larger than my first son, who was 6 lbs 7 ozs at birth.  I’d push for a while and then take some 15 minute breaks to rest.  Finally, after about 90 minutes of pushing, baby Ian was born!  My doctor immediately said, “Wow, look at this huge baby boy”!  They put him up on my chest and he did not appear so big to me, but later, when he was weighed, he was 9 lbs 3 ozs!  I immediately felt vindicated after complaining non stop about how uncomfortable I had been.  I am only 5 feet, 0 inches tall and normally somewhere around 110-115 lbs, so not only was this a large baby, but this was a HUGE baby for me to have had vaginally, and with no complications.  I felt triumphant!

Baby Ian has been a delight!  He nurses well, sleeps well.  I finally got to have the breastfeeding experience that I so badly wanted, and it continues to go well.  I am not able to take many herbs/supplements because there is not much research about taken them while breastfeeding, but hormonally speaking, my hormones are sort of down-regulated while lactating and so is my PCOS for the most part.  I have noticed that I am getting sugar cravings quite often and I have been trying to keep my indulgences at bay, but it is hard.  I cannot wait to be able to take my beloved Gymnema 4g again so I can avoid this.

Postpartum recovery this time seems to have taken longer.  I felt like I had been in a car accident for about a full week after delivery.  My abdomen was, and still is, quite stretched out.  I developed pretty significant stretch marks in my last month of pregnancy and now with a deflated tummy, they look terrible.   Now at 6 weeks postpartum, I still have about 15 lbs. to lose.  Only time will tell how this will end up, but as I start exercising again, I will report back on my progress.   I am determined to get my body, my diet, and my life back in shape.  Stay tuned!

Here is the final pic of my pregnancy, the day before delivery, and one of me and Ian right after.