It’s been a while!  I do have a good excuse, as being a Mommy to two kiddos now is quite a feat.  I am now 4 months postpartum, and doing quite well.  I have about 5 more pounds to baby weight to lose, but I am trying not to rush things.  I have lost about 35 pounds total since having Ian and have achieved it without any dieting or exercise – just breastfeeding.  Between the endless teething with my older son and the night feeding with the baby, my nights are just not solid enough to try to start an exercise routine quite yet.  I can’t believe I’m about to say it, but I really miss exercising regularly.  It gave me such a sense of accomplishment and self discipline that kept me feeling balanced.  I’m looking forward to getting back to it ASAP.  My plan is to start the same “Couch to 5K” running program that my husband did over three years ago.  Never running before, it taught him how to slowly build endurance, and he still runs 5K almost every weekday all these years later.  I’d love to be able to join him on his runs in the future – even if it involves us both pushing a jogging stroller.

Even if I am not at the wonderful fitness level that I once was before getting pregnant again, I will say that my body has sprung back better than expected.  I definitely think there is something to the whole “muscle memory” theory because even with just a little exercise in my daily life – carrying a rather large baby everywhere, chasing my toddler in the backyard – my muscles are beginning to tone up without too much effort, as if they just know what to do.  I’m hoping that getting back into shape is easier the second time around.  On a side-note, I will mention that I did suffer a fair amount of tummy trauma from carrying an oversize baby that has left my abdomen very saggy and sad looking.  After doing a little research I can see that my only hope of fixing it will be surgery, and I am not into that.  I will just have to be happy with as much improvement as diet and exercise can bring

I’ve continued having trouble keeping my blood sugar stable and I’ve suffered with a new onslaught of food allergies and sensitivities (potatoes are a no-no now), which I can only imagine are hormonal and immune system based since they all started after delivering and starting breastfeeding.  What can I say?  PCOS is complicated and so is pregnancy.  Put them together and you can expect some upheaval.  It’s not that I’m having the major sugar cravings anymore, it’s just that I’m finding it hard to keep on an even keel, blood sugar wise.  If I am just a few minutes late with my breakfast, my head starts spinning and I feel very weak and shaky with hypoglycemia.  I was able to overcome this as my PCOS Experiment went on, but in some ways I feel like I’m back to square one with this facet of my PCOS healing, especially with not being able to take the supplements that helped me make my initial progress.  I’m already dreaming up a new supplement regimin that will be beneficial for my long term health in dealing with PCOS, rather than to just enhance fertility.  In the meantime, while breastfeeding, I am looking into some easy “kitchen cures” to help regulate blood sugar that would not be contraindicated – such as cinnamon and vinegar.   I’ll be interested to see how well these “cures” work and will be reporting back.

I’ve been able to start cooking fairly regularly again and I’m going back to some of our favorites from the experiment.  Tonight we had fresh roasted salmon croquettes and pan roasted asparagus.  I’m not really able to restrict my eating much because I need plenty of fuel to make milk for the baby, but it feels good to try to make each meal and snack as PCOS friendly as possible again.  It’s not perfect, but I’m a lot further along than I had thought possible in my first handful of postpartum months.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, all the work and successes I had in doing my Six Month PCOS Expriment have continued to improve my life throughout my pregnancy and now afterward too.  It’s been the best gift to myself, and one that keeps on giving.

I’ll leave you with a self portrait I took this week of baby Ian and myself using the timer on my camera.  In an effort to capture all of the wonderful moments with my two boys, photography is quickly becoming another of my many passions.