My name is Melissa and I am 33 years old.  I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2002 after my period failed to resume after stopping birth control pills.  I do not fit the classic PCOS profile as I am an average body weight, but I do suffer from anovulation/amenorrhea, acne, occasional hirsuteness, and a spare tire around my mid section, despite being thin.  In 2005, my husband and I decided to try for a baby, but I knew it would be difficult with having almost no periods on my own.  I got interested in reading about treating PCOS naturally and tried some supplements and some lifestyle changes.  I began working with an acupuncturist weekly and taking a tea made from Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs.   Within a few months I ovulated and got my period for the first time in most of a year.  The next time I ovulated, I got pregnant.  I was elated that I was able to achieve pregnancy without doing conventional fertility treatments.  Sadly, the baby had a major chromosomal problem and did not make it past 20 weeks gestation.  After my loss, I felt even more determined to use the natural route to conceive again.  I resumed my treatments as before, but nothing much happened.  Around this time my husband and I moved from NYC to Austin, Tx and I had to switch acupuncturists.  I tried several in Austin, but I never got the same results as in NYC.  Sixteen months after my loss and desperate, I went to a fertility doctor and after 4 cycles, I conceived with the help of Metformin and Femara.  Besides developing Gestational Diabetes, the pregnancy went as planned.  I delivered a healthy baby boy that we named Jude on 4/8/2009.  We decided that after breastfeeding for a year, I would go back to the fertility doctor and get back on Metformin for a few months and then have a go with a few cycles of Femara.  I started the Metformin in May/2010 and did my first Femara cycle July/2010.  Unsuccessful, we did another Femara cycle in August/2010.  This brings me to my first post, “Regrouping” from 8/23/2010.