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Life can surprise you sometimes.  The day after I wrote and posted the previous conclusion I got a positive home pregnancy test!  I had my blood test today and everything looks good.  Can I owe any of this wonderful news to this experiment?  There is no way to know for sure, but I would like to think so.  If you remember my story, I did two Femara cycles last summer after a few months of Metformin and I did not conceive on either one.  Flash forward 5-6 months and I am pregnant with only one round of Femara and no Metformin.  Perhaps I just needed a few more months for my body to recover from breast feeding.  There’s no telling.

So, the real conclusion to this experiment is ambiguous, but who the hell cares?  I am pregnant with minimal intervention and I did not have to take horrid Metformin to get this way.  I can’t see it any other way but a total and complete success!


I broke the news of the Femara cycle to my acupuncturist last week, and, as usual, she was all for it and quickly switched gears to tailor my treatment plan accordingly.  The TCM herbs I’ve been taking for several weeks now are still the correct ones to be taking.  We also went down the list of my supplements to make sure that all of them were safe to take while trying to conceive.  We found nothing that needed to be changed for now.  So far nothing has changed in regards to this experiment either.  I am still eating and exercising as before.  I’m also trying to stay in a good place emotionally and take time out of my day to do some deep breathing or meditating.

As I mentioned before, I induced a period with Provera.  I’m currently on CD 4, and the period has been encouraging.  When I did the two Femara cycles this past summer (right before I started this experiment), the Provera induced period was so light, it was almost nonexistent.  I was only about 8 weeks past breastfeeding at that point and there were a lot of signs that my body and hormones had not recovered yet.  I was not 100% surprised when neither cycle worked.  Things are already starting off better with a normal period and a now fully recovered body from pregnancy and the hormonal suppression of lactation.  Obviously my hormones are not balanced and perfect, but at least they are present in enough quantity for the fertility meeds to actually do something with.  Today I take my second of five days of Femara.  I am taking 4 pills per day (10mg/day) this cycle.  I took 7.5 mg/day on my last 3 Femara cycles, including the one that I conceived my son on.  The goal is earlier ovulation this cycle.  I go in for my first ultrasound monitoring appointment a week from today on CD 11.